Your Biggest Strength is Being Underestimated

When I was in high school, I have took 2 years of Latin. It was a pretty interesting language class . However, this was not just about taking Latin class. I am a Hard of Hearing person, as many of you may know. On my last year of Latin, I remembered in a parent-teacher meeting I had that included my Latin teacher. One comment that stood out to me was my Latin teacher’s fear of me of not doing well in his class due to my deafness.
As a young 17 year old high school senior, I didn’t think about what he said to me  too much. To me, it was normal for teachers to be worried about how well I do in their classes. Most times I usually proved them wrong by doing the best that I can in classes. However, I reflect back to that time  sometimes and learned from that moment. I never thought being hearing loss would be an issue when taking Latin. It is usually in the back of my mind. On the the other hand, I got used to the comments and sometimes take it as a challenge to prove people wrong. Now I won’t say I am a confident all the time as I do have my low moments.  But my determination and supportive family members are the reason why I had made it far in school.

“Being underestimated is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have.Embrace it.”— Unknown

This quote stuck out to me because there are many people who can relate to being underestimated and used it to become competitive. People underestimating you is not easy thing to deal with regardless what person you are. What people may think you are at disadvantage, when in reality it can be your fuel for success. It is better to take up the challenge to try to prove people wrong.  It reminds you to stay competitive in today’s fast moving business world.
In the end, I did end up doing well, despite my Latin teacher’s fear. To me, the class was nothing more than a challenge accepted to drive myself to succeed.  Being underestimated does have its benefits after all.
My questions for my readers:
Was there was a time you felt underestimated? If so, what are things you did that helped you succeed?

10 thoughts on “Your Biggest Strength is Being Underestimated

  1. Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.” If someone who underestimates you is willing to work with you and accommodate any shortcomings you may have, then no problem, but if the underestimator has a “You're not worth my time” attitude, that's bad news. Here's hoping your second-year Latin teacher was in the former category.


  2. I seriously and permanently damaged the wrist of my dominant hand about 13 years ago. I had to relearn how to write and eat with my right hand. Nobody expected me to recover as well as I did, but I did it. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


  3. I am not sure if it is being underestimated, but being criticized and attacked to my biggest benefit.
    High school was a nightmare for me. Having a speech impediment (which I had to take care of because the therapist at the school didn't) and not being an athlete as good as the other kids, made me a daily target. But it was this that drove me. I think about it now, no one in my high school became a professional athlete, or an induction into an athletic hall of fame.


  4. I enjoyed reading your post. As HoH, I often get underestimated. It starts when I speak. I speak English fluent but people immediately assume I was not born in the U.S. because I have an accent. Bring HoG comes with pros and cons. The teacher assumed you weren't going to make it fat. Look at yourself, you're blogging, making a difference, and you don't easily give up. You graduated and earned a degree. You didn't prove anyone they were working. You gave it all, you prove to yourself that you can do anything. Keep believing, protect yourself, and never give up.


  5. What a wonderful quote! Whilst it feels good to prove others wrong, it also help your confidence when you are aware of your capabilities.

    People have underestimated my ability to stay in for the long haul. I rarely go by how I feel but by the results I want.


  6. Interesting post. I love the quote about being underestimated as an advantage. Coming from a small community in rural Canada, I often feel geographically disadvantaged, which others perceive as a negative. They underestimate my ability because I don't come from a large centre like Toronto or New York. But my passion, curiosity, and writing talent have proven them wrong. I do have to work harder to get noticed.


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