What I Noticed When I Took An Online Class

It has been a long while since my last blog post! During my hiatus, I have taken a self-paced online class. The online class was related to my targeted career interests and it has been an interesting subject to learn.  I learned a lot from this online class and gained some knowledge to apply it in my career . 

A row of brown desks with two chairs and a white laptop in a library.
[ Image Description: A row of brown desks with two chairs and a white laptop in a library.]

Online classes have been on the rise in the recent years. Many people are finding ways to build up their knowledge and skills for the variety of reasons to keep up with the knowledge economy.  While I haven’t taken a lot of online classes, I find that many of the online classes are different from each other. I found key noticeable differences from the college online classes and non-college courses.

1.    Differences between pressures to complete assignments.

The current online classes I took was self-paced and not connected to a college. While you are still graded on the work , it’s more relaxed compared to college online courses. College online courses in my experience expect a lot and can be intense. It is not for people who aren’t used self-disciplined. Most of my college online courses have deadlines on when assignments are done, the non-college online classes did not deadlines. You still have to finish the assignments in order to the move onto the next lessons.

2.    Class Discussions.

The non-college online courses didn’t promote class participation a lot. The college online classes that I took did. Participation was a part of your grade for every week. I did missed the participation part bit when I did took online class from college.

3.    How the way content is set up.

Depending on the instructor, some online classes are set up in different ways. College online classes dig into the course content in depth, which is not surprising if you are studying for your major and career. Non-college online courses do go into the course content a little bit. However, if you want to go into the course subject deeper, you may have to look outside of that.

In the end, it is up to the online learner to decide which type of classes are work best for them. It all comes down to what you want to get out of learning from online courses. Online classes can be a mixed bag for some people, but lot of people who are looking to  continue to expand their knowledge virtually.

Questions from my readers:

 What has been your experiences with online classes? Do you like or hate them?


6 thoughts on “What I Noticed When I Took An Online Class

  1. My college course experience was a highly mixed bag – sometimes positive, sometimes middling, sometimes negative. 'Going back to school' isn't on my bucket list, but if it were, I would probably want to check out a non-college online class in the name of doing something different – it at least should be cheaper/better value for money than a corresponding college class, yes?


  2. I show no preference to what type of classes. I prefer in-person classes due to the content of the class. Some classes would be good online, but only if the subject isn't complicated.


  3. I definitely prefer in-person to online classes, as I love the personal interaction between instructor and students and between students. but as I live in a rural area, sometimes all I have access to is the online courses and I have forced myself to work within those parameters.


  4. I have completed short online courses. I considered completing a course while on maternity leave and changed my mind. You need to be focused and committed to learn online as you receive less “in person” support. You need to motivate yourself and set a deadline, especially as most courses have no actual end date.


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